Sunday, October 3, 2010

Duct Tape Wallet

An unrelated to home improvement post...

We were at Target the other day and I bought this damask patterned duct tape for about $3.50.

Hmm what to do with such pretty duct tape?! Ted has made some cool duct tape wallets in the past... so I decided to try making one for myself. I used this really easy how-to video. All you need is duct tape, a pair of scissors, and... that's it. It took about 30 minutes to make.

Any money inside? :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update on stuff

Let's be honest here, we've been lax when it comes to blogging about the house. Things got pushed to the wayside as the wedding came up and generally "you blog it" "no, you blog it" kicked in. Nonetheless, it's not as if work hasn't been getting done. A quick rundown of what's been improved in the last 6 months:

The lawn, a scraggly sad excuse for greenery, was torn up and replaced with new sod back in March (thank you tax rebate!). In addition to new sod we also tore up and removed the large sage plant and assorted rocks that made up the middle section of the front yard. Add in some additional sprinklers, an automatic sprinkler controller, and a new drain pipe from the back yard and we've got a pretty good setup now. The drain pipe is probably the biggest improvement as we're now no longer in danger of having the backyard flood every time it rains.

The much maligned chandelier in the middle of the living room, where the previous owners had their dining area, was removed, relocated, and replaced with a donated chandelier from my parents house. Relocating the lighting to over the current dining room table was an "fun" task involving too much time in the hot attic and several trips to the Home Depot. That being said, it's a huge improvement. Along with the new chandelier are 5 new lamps we got as wedding gifts. The lighting in the living room area is much, much improved.

That's right, I've finally wired my house with Cat6 Ethernet. It's just a start, wiring the office and living room to the centrally located closet (where the cable modem will go once I get some Coax crimpers), but it's very nice. Double the throughput of the wireless system and significantly more reliable, the Ethernet sets a nice template for additional home wiring projects. Also added was another power outlet so the TV doesn't have to pull power from 12 feet away with an extension cable. This one was definitely my project.

One more blue ceiling gone, one more to go. This past weekend we repainted the "master" (read: smaller but attached to the bedroom) bath, replaced the lighting and hardware with some nifty Restoration Hardware fixtures, and made it a much more pleasant room to be in. The other bathroom still needs work, but that's for another time.

So that's it for now. One of these days I may actually tackle getting those under-counter lights installed in the kitchen...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet the cat!

Meet the new kitty, Darth. Seriously, he's the only improvement to the house in months.