Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bi-Fold Doors Installed

It was a long but productive weekend getting the bi-fold doors installed in the washer/dryer area. Christina painted the pre-primed doors, while I installed all the hardware and trim pieces.  Here are some photos of the final product:

Trim to blend in, and the hardware nailed into the tile:

Glad to have that crossed off the list.  Doing some laundry and the doors definitely cut back on the noise level.  Have a good week guys!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shelves over troubled washer and dryer

Christina and I were planning on installing a pocket door over the weekend but decided that perhaps tearing out, and then replacing, several feet of drywall was a bit much to chew off right now. Instead we decided to install new shelves over the washer and dryer, which you can see here.

In the near future we'll be adding bifold doors to close off the washer and dryer bay, but that's pending the delivery of special ordered 32" doors. Hopefully we'll have that done in the next week or so.

Update: Darth seems to like the new shelves too!