Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Hot!

Summer is here, and we're not especially used to living in this heat! Okay, it's not that hot...but 85 degrees without air conditioning is pushing it just a little bit for us. We were spoiled from living 5 minutes from the beach the past 6-7 years (Santa Barbara and Ventura). But it's nice here in Camarillo, and we'll get used to being a few degrees warmer in the summer months.

Ted installed the new fans just in time before it started getting hot this summer. He is getting pretty good at electrical work, and I'm a good helper :). The fans we got are the brand Hunter, again another purchase from Costco. The panels are dual colors, one side birch and the other cherry. We went with the cherry for both of them. One is in the bedroom, and the other in the office. Take a look at the photos to see Ted hard at work.

In other news, we had to have the house termite tented last weekend per our new neighbors. So we had a mini-vacation staying with my family, going to the beach, hanging out with some good friends, and swimming with Buddy (their yellow lab) in the pool. The termite tenting was a bit of a pain because we had to bag up all of our food and stuff, but it was a good excuse to get away, and at least the house is bug free now.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and we'll try and update again soon!