Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY Headboard

Hello there!  Has it really been almost a year since we last posted?  Time is flying!  Here's a little project we did yesterday, a DIY Headboard:

We got a new king size bed a couple of weeks ago (so much roomier than the queen), and decided to build a headboard to go with it!  Making the headboard was pretty simple and took under 2 hours.  The most annoying part was the shopping and going to different places trying to find all the items we needed to make it!  Here's what we used:
  • Standard sheet of plywood from Home Depot ($30) that Ted cut down to 42" x 78" with a little curved edge on each top end.  It was quite the adventure tying this down onto Ted's roof rack and driving home.  It was a windy day, took multiple attempts, and we had to drive very slowly, but finally got it home in one piece.
  • The foam.  Oh, the FOAM.  We wanted the headboard to have a little bit of cushion and thickness to it, so wanted to purchase some of that standard 2" thick rectangular green foam sheeting.  Should be easy to find and cheap, right?  Apparently was going to be over $100 when you buy it by the yard at Joann's in Oxnard, and we weren't having that for some stupid green foam. So, we ventured next door over to the Walmart in Oxnard...not the smartest idea we ever had.  Not to sound elitist, but those of you who live in the area just don't go there unless you are really desperate for something you can't find somewhere else.  We didn't have any luck there (other than leaving with a new kite, a jar of Nutella, and crushed dreams), so had to revisit our game plan.
  • We read online somewhere that some people used egg crate mattress toppers instead of the expensive foam stuff, so we were pretty much immediately sold on this idea.  A quick trip to Target and we walked out of there with 2 queen size mattress toppers for about $50.
  • Spray adhesive glue from Home Depot to attach the mattress toppers to each other and to the plywood ($5).
  • Standard quilting batting to wrap around the mattress toppers and plywood - $12 from the trusty Oxnard Walmart.
  • Staples and staple gun to attach the batting around the mattress toppers and plywood - already had on hand.
  • After searching at the Oxnard Joann's, Walmart, Michael's, and finding out that the old fabric store in Camarillo is now a pet store...we found this fabric pattern at the Joann's in Thousand Oaks.  It was $45 for 2.5 yards.  We were pretty tired at this point after 4 hours of shopping for this little project, saw this one, and decided to go for it.  We always gravitate towards the simple grey or taupe colors, so it was a bit of a stretch for us.  We were also going to do covered buttons, but didn't think this pattern needed them.
And there you have it!  A simple DIY Headboard that should only take 3-4 hours including shopping - just plan out what supplies you need ahead of time, and just say no to Walmart...although we did fly a pretty sweet kite today because of that random shopping trip!  Total headboard cost: approximately $150 if you have electric saws and a staple gun already on hand.