Monday, June 29, 2009

Cabinets, Yard Work, and Baseboard Moulding

Hi there! Long time no blog? We are so close to finishing the kitchen. We sanded, primed, and painted the cabinet doors (yes, all 13 of them). A big thanks to Ted's mom and sister for helping with the cabinets and the drawer!

The yard has finally gotten some much needed TLC. Ted and Diana filled up the entire landscaping trash can with pine needles and random garbage that the previous owners left behind. They found various treasures in the shed that were soon discarded. Ted sprayed some weed killer and put some grass fertilizer so hopefully our lawn will be healthy once again.

Our latest task was figuring out what to do about baseboard molding. The old ones were about 2" tall, and there were barely any pieces that matched each other. We went with a little over 3" tall baseboards with a little groove in them. The MDF boards come pre-primed, and Ted painted them white. He was able to use his new nail gun to put all of the molding up in the living room and dining room. I followed him and added some caulking to secure the tops and joints to the walls. The finishing nails are a little tricky to push all the way into the board, but I got them in with a little tapping tool and hammer.

This week we're planning on touching up the baseboard paint, putting in some more transitions (Ted already put one in between the kitchen tile and laminate), and hanging up a few more photos.

We've had a few friends over here and there and it seems like we didn't totally screw up the place (shout outs to Lauren, Lindsay, Natalie, Jeff, Randy, Sam, Travis, Billy, Justin, Julianne, Kathy, and all of the fam for visiting)! Here are some photos, so you can see for yourself.

Big Post incoming soon

Hey everyone,

sorry about the lack of updates, that's just how this week has been. But fear not! The updates will be coming. What we did this week:
Finished the cabinet doors including installation
Hosted my little sister and mom over for a few nights
Additional kitchen painting
Baseboard cutting, painting, and application
Start of Lawn Care

Hopefully I'll be able to get a real post up here soon. In the meantime:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another weekend of work

Blogging? What's that?

Ever since phase 1 (it's now official name) completed, we've been busy with small work and a little thing called not blogging.

So, that being said, here's what we've been doing:
replacing and cleaning up outlets
touching up paint
curtain rods and curtains
(laundry! no quarters! it's great)
cleaning up the office
adding office furniture
arranging furniture
building a table leaf

So, what's the story so far? Basically after getting all of the big points finished up (the paint, the floor, the kitchen), we're left with little bits and pieces to do, little projects that are high on details and low on effort (but they still take a lot of time).

We're still working on the layout of furniture in the main room but we've got a nice clear path to finishing things up; paint the cabinet doors, arrange the furniture, put in new baseboards, hang some art......and then the lawn. Awesome.

Anyway, it's been a while since we've posted because the big news is starting to slow. We'll keep things updated, I've got some before and after posts to make, but expect news to trickle down. We've been in the house for 4 weeks now and we've got quite a while ahead of us, so don't take this as the end. I haven't even shown you what I plan to do with the lavender bush out front.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Flooring is Complete!

After a trip to Home Depot to purchase the last of the underlayment, Ted cutting the hardest pieces on the last wall, and hammering everything in - we are finished! It took about 20 man hours total but it was worth it. It's so wonderful to walk in our living room on something that isn't old gross carpet or dusty concrete. And it looks pretty nice too. Tomorrow we'll probably move our furniture into the living room and get things organized. The next step will be the baseboards. But first, a much needed break!

Flooring Update

We are about 2/3s done with the hardwood laminate flooring. A big thanks to Jeff for helping us out tonight. It's amazing how much a difference a few panels makes versus only having the dusty concrete. Just a few more days and we will have a livable living and dining room.