Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Item Off the List: Painting the Hallway and Baseboards

After a long break from improving the house (aside from cleaning up the garage) we've finally painted the hallway and put in the baseboard.  Sure, those two things were done about a month apart, but still, Progress!

The Hallway is painted the same colors as the living room and kitchen: Subtle Oatland Taupe (walls) and Asisago (ceilings), although the color difference seems to be much more accentuated in the hallway.  I'm guessing this difference is due to the amount of light the hall gets, which is a lot less than the living room.

The baseboard, just put in last week, was a simple enough affair.  It even wraps around behind the washer/dryer (astonishing, I know).  Anyway, I think that all the improvements that we will be making from here on out will be yard/garage related, but if anything comes up we'll eventually get around to posting it here.