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Optimus Prime Costume Build

IntroductionOver Labor Day weekend our family took a family and friends trip to Legoland and San Diego. It was a great trip, and one night over dinner we began discussing Halloween and costumes for our kids; when asked, I said my son wanted me to make a transforming Optimus Prime costume, and, well, here we are.
Design You may have seen this video of transforming kids costumes. The design of the Optimus costume, with a swing-back engine bay where the head goes, struck me as the best design candidate for a costume I could build. However, that Peterbilt style truck is from the Transformers movies where Optimus Prime looks, let's say, not great. The clean design of the old (Gen 1) Optimus Prime is what I wanted, but the truck design wouldn't work as a costume. Luckily, literally it doesn't matter if I mix and match designs. Great! design work done.

Materials Cardboard boxes and flat sheetsMasking and blue painter's tapePlywood sparsExpanding spray foam1 1/4 PVC pipeDecorative…

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