Monday, January 20, 2014

Ikea Dresser Remodel

Happy 2014!  We've been pretty quiet on here as of late...that's because we've been busy getting ready for a new addition to our family this Spring!  Nope, not another cat...we're expecting a baby boy! :)  We've got a major to-do list on the house before the little one arrives, and a huge thanks to Ted for cranking out projects left and right.  He loves this stuff...ok here's the latest!

We've been using our old college Kmart dressers for years now, and it was finally time to upgrade to something a little more fancy in the bedroom.  We made a big trip to Ikea a few weekends ago, mostly for nursery furniture which we will post more on later, but we also purchased this pine Tarva dresser for ourselves that needed finishing.  Ted painted the drawers with a subtle greenish gray color to match our bedroom, stained all the other parts with a medium color wood finish (called Early American), and installed stainless drawer pulls.  All in just 2-3 nights of work!