Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bathroom Remodel: The Beginning

Let's start from the beginning of the bathroom remodel...

First was the drywall removal above the old tub. This involved a lot of hacking away at the wall. A good way to get out aggression! But very dusty. Ted did most of the work on this part, and I helped a little.
Here's what it looked like with the drywall removed and bare studs. Plus the new cast iron tub that my dad installed for us.
Next up was installing the cement board above the tub. That stuff is heavy! It took almost a whole weekend just to do this part. Lots of measuring, cutting, and drilling. While Ted was doing that, I painted the walls and ceiling.
Finally, it was time to tile. This took almost a week, mostly nights spent doing chunks here and there with Netflix playing on the iPad to keep us entertained. Here are a few progress shots of the tile process.

The blue painters tape is covering a soap dish that we cemented in with the tile.

We also cemented in a corner shelf to hold shampoo, etc.
The finished tile before the grout:Grouting definitely is a skill that takes lots of practice, it wasn't easy. We finally got the hang of it, but we had to apply the grout, wash, rinse, and repeat several times to get it right. Here is the tile after the grout went in:After we finished the grout, we sealed the tub and vanity with waterproof silicone and some other regular caulking. Currently we're working on installing all the hardware and fixtures (towel bar, hooks, mirror, and light fixture).

We'll post more photos once it's officially done!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Shower Tile

We finished tiling and grouting the shower, over the new cast iron tub in the bathroom.  We'll post more details later, but for now just a few photos:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bathroom Sneak Peak

I helped Ted install the vanity last night and Dad installed the sink today...such an improvement from that ugly blue sink. More to come!